A Visit to Nanny & Papa in Yeppoon

Oh dear I have gotten very behind here but we have been busy!

We paid Nanny & Papa a visit in Yeppoon last week.  Yeppoon is located east of Rockhampton at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef.  We actually stayed in a caravan park in Kinka Beach about 15 minutes South of Yeppoon as we were aiming for a more ‘family friendly’ caravan park ie not smack in the middle of a sea of grey nomads.  Not that we have anything against the grey nomads, all the ones we’ve met seem lovely but with a 1.5yo monster who makes a huge racket and insists on taking off to neighbouring sites we thought we’d give our older counterparts a bit of a break!  As it happened we ended camped right next to a lovely retired couple who were either deaf or very polite as they assured us they didn’t hear anything and “he’s fine”!

The kids, and us, were very excited to see Nanny and Papa and we were very lucky that on our second day they took us out on their catamaran to the Keppel Islands.  The waters around the Keppels are post card perfect blue with whites sands and craggy green islands rising up out of the water.  We were able to anchor near an almost deserted beach and ride the dingy in for a swim and play on the sand.

We also paid a visit to the Capricorn Caves.  Privately owned caves near Mount Etna National Park, these are dry limestone caves, that is they are actually above ground and only get water when it rains in the wet season.  This makes the stalagmites and stalactites all the more impressive as they only grow when drips of water run down them.  The Cathedral tour we took takes us down through a series of caves into a large opening that has been beautifully lit with tiny candle like lights and now has cathedral type seating in it.  We were played Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” in near darkness in a moving experience.  Bubba and I also took the fossil tour which taught us all about the mega fauna of the area dating back 500,000 years ago.

The rest of the time in Yeppoon we spent fishing and playing down at the beach and amazing water park on the foreshore.  The kids had an absolute ball and Bubba declared Yeppoon his favourite stop so far!

I was very spoilt in Yeppoon, hardly having to cook at all.  I think we stressed poor Anne out but she did a fine job catering for us and cooked us many delicious meals so thanks Nanny!

We were also spoiled for choice in places to eat out.  Matty and I got a dinner out on our own as we had babysitters!  We went to “Beaches” restaurant down near the Keppel Harbour and had a yummy dinner served to us by a fantastic young waiter who made sure our dietary requirements were catered for.  We also treated ourselves to lunch out with the kids at “Yogolicious” who specialise in gluten and dairy free.  Matt declared his burger the best he had ever had (which is a big call) and Bubba had apple cake to die for!  The Jazzy Devil ran riot as always and after being given the hairy eyeball once too many times we headed off back to the water park.  We pulled in to “Pumped Juice Bar and Cafe”, who are completely gluten free, on the way back and stocked up on some gluten free pies and sausage rolls for Matt and some other yummy bits and pieces.

We enjoyed Yeppoon so much we ended up extending our stay to five nights, a much needed rest from the pack up and set up routine.  After a lovely break we were ready to move on again headed for the platypus at Eungella National Park.  Don’t worry I will catch you up on that adventure tomorrow. Until then eat well and live happy


3 thoughts on “A Visit to Nanny & Papa in Yeppoon

  1. Lovely you saw Anne and Michael Have been waiting for your next recipe I have been eating Chicken Curry and Honey Soy frozen meals for few weeks,thanks Love to everyone

  2. We just loved having you all in “our home” and spending those few days with you too. It does me good to stretch my culinary “skills”! Miss the kids so much xxx

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