Alkoomi Adventure Farm

This morning I sat on the step of our van with a steaming, hot mug of tea and watched the sun rise over the rolling hills and scrubby bush in a moment of rare peace.  Streaks of pink broke up the grey early morning light and the birds started calling their good morning song.  The kids were still asleep and just for a minute life seemed to stand still.

The last couple of nights were spent at Alkoomi Adventure Farm.  A farm stay located in Marmor about 40 minutes South East of Rockhampton just off the Bruce Highway.  We got a wonderful, relaxed feeling the minute we drove down the dirt driveway of this stunning property and the warm, friendly family that owns it.

Welcomed onto the farm we were invited to join in on the feeding of their animals (yes more animal feeding!) and the Jazzy Devil was in 7th heaven as he ran from paddock to paddock patting and shoving tiny fistfuls of grass at the two miniature ponies, two horses and 40 odd chickens.  We also got to jump on the back of the quad bike and help feed the cows.  Bubba and I had a great morning riding the horses and we spent the rest of the day chilling out together enjoying the calmness of the scrubby landscape.

In the evening we climbed one of the hills and sat on the large wooden swing and watched the sun go down, understanding that days like this are the reason we embarked on this adventure.

I must admit I did come a little unprepared food wise for our stay here.  I hadn’t remade cupcakes or bread and the fridge really only had bits and pieces in it and we were without power so whipping something up in the thermie wasn’t an option.  I had to put my thinking cap on for this one.  It’s amazing what you can pull together when you have to and I actually managed to feed the family a pretty tasty day’s food (if I do say so myself!).  Breaky was rice porridge with mashed banana for the kids and homemade muesli for Matt and I.  I had some shop bought gf bread with me, so toast with jam was morning tea.  Then lunch I managed to pull this lot together…

Usually I make quirky cooking’s scones in the thermomix but as that wasn’t possible I made these little beauties that tasted somewhere between a scone and damper.  There were only crumbs left!  Don’t worry I will share the recipe with you at the end.  Being a cattle farm, Bec sells steaks that we of course bought and BBQ’d for dinner.  To go with it I had in the fridge: 1/4 butternut pumpkin, the leftover ends of a couple of sweet potatoes, 1/2 a cauliflower, 2 carrots and a capsicum.  What else could I do but roast them!  Tossed in some olive oil and sea salt and thrown into a baking dish they went into the weber directly onto a convection tray as the dish didn’t fit with the trivet in – thankfully as it turns out as having it sit directly on the heat made the veggies beautifully caramelised and delicious!

I have to say that Alkoomi has been one of my favourite stops so far.  We are definitely looking forward to more days like these ones. Until next time, eat well & live happy


DAMPER/SCONE THINGYS (Sorry I have no better name for these!)

The basic recipe for these came from this Simple and Delicious Gluten Free Scones recipe.  Of course I can’t just follow a recipe I have to tinker with it, so this is what I changed:

Instead of almond meal I used ground sunflower seeds and pepitas (I always have some of this in my fridge in case it comes in handy).

Instead of 60ml cream I used about 110-120ml tinned coconut milk (I’m not very good at measuring sorry, which is probably why these were more like damper than scones!) and 60mls UHT coconut milk (eg Vitasoy) (in place of the milk).  I didn’t bother with rolling I just squashed the dough flat with my hands then cut into 12 small squares with a knife.  Pop them onto a lined tray, touching each other then I baked in the Weber at 200deg (which we get by heating up at full tilt then turning down to about half way) for 15 mins.  Serve with butter or jam (or both!)

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