Port Macquarie

Our stay in Port Macquarie has been a real treat.  We got to see a pod of wild dolphins playing in the waves at lighthouse beach!  Watching these majestic animals glide through the waves has been a highlight for me so far.

We have spent a lovely lazy 4 days here (minus all the catch up of course!) surfing at the local beaches and fishing off the Jetty.  This was Bubba’s first attempt at fishing and he got right into it.  His patience amazed me as this is not generally his forte!  But it paid off as he managed to catch 2 fish!  A bream that was unfortunately too small and had to be thrown back and a yellow fin bream that can be used as bait.  So no fish for tea but good fun all the same.  While Daddy and Bubba fished the Jazzy Devil and I enjoyed the spectacular glowing orange sunsets over the marina, or more to the point, I tried to enjoy the sunset whilst holding a vice like grip on JD to stop him going over the edge into the water, which is quite where he would like to have gone thank you!


We also started our mini golf challenge – a quest we have set ourselves to find the best mini golf course in Australia.  Port Macquarie mini golf will be a tough one to beat!

Dinner tonight, our last night here before we move on tomorrow, was roast chook.  We’ve nailed roasting a chicken in the Weber (if I do say so myself).  Crispy, crunchy skin and juicy meat Mmmmm…. with a spud each thrown in with it and some steamed greens on the side we enjoyed our dinner very much!

So you’ve been lucky with two posts tonight, but now it’s bedtime before an early start and pack up tomorrow morning.  Until next time, eat well & live happy.


3 thoughts on “Port Macquarie

  1. How exciting that Ben caught a couple of fish…no matter the size, its the fun of pulling one in! Lovely photos

  2. Hey Mel
    Let us know what the temperature is on your travels. Just to rub it in for us Melburnians.
    Amazed at your cooking skills on the road. Would love to hear more about using the webber. We have one but do limit the use, mainly because we are a bit unsure of what to do.
    Great blog go VB’s

    1. Leanne, the Weber is amazing! There are so many things you can cook in it. I’ll keep the weber recipes coming 🙂

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