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So I thought I’d write you a “worts and all” post today… Keeping up with washing, cooking and maintaining the van in some semblance of order is challenging with two munchkins champing at the bit to get out and about.  Washing piled up and we had slowly munched our way through the stockpile of food I made before we left.  The final proverbial straw came when the trolley from Coles puts it’s wheel lock on to stop you crossing the road with it and I had to carry six full bags of shopping, a box of nappies and a squirming JD across the road to the car.  That evening mummy threw a minor hissy fit!

So over the last couple of days in between surfing, fishing and mini golf we have squeezed in some much needed house keeping.  So far this trip is testing my ability to cope with limited forward planning and lowering my hygiene standards.

Multiple loads of washing had to be got through.  Having our little portable washing machine is very handy but the spin cycle doesn’t really cut it and until the weather really warms up, drying clothes is a lengthy task.  In the end we paid for a couple of proper wash loads to catch us up.

I desperately needed to restock our food supply too so I have now made two loaves of bread, two batches of cupcakes, ‘chocolate porridge’ (don’t worry a recipe for this will be in a future post) and more bliss balls which hopefully will at least get us through the next day or two!

The cupcakes are the ones I usually make at home for Bubba’s lunchbox, but camping style they are baked in the Webber. The recipe comes from Quirky Cooking’s Mr I’s Far Too Easy Chocolate Cake To make it gluten free I use 45g chickpea flour, 40g brown rice flour, 25g arrowroot and 20g potato starch in place of the spelt flour (which is not gluten free).  You could also use a premixed gf flour blend but I prefer to use the less refined whole grain flours.  I also add in 3/4 tsp xanthan gum to help the texture.

At home I bake these as cupcakes in the oven at 160-170 deg (depending on your oven) for 25mins.  Here, they baked beautifully in the Webber at around 165 deg for 25 mins on the convection tray and trivet.  We have the Webber with the thermometer on the lid so I can control the temperature.  If you don’t, follow the guide for baking in the instruction book.

The verdict… Delicious!

I am learning slowly that you can actually wear clothes two days in a row and it’s ok to wash dishes in warm water when it requires 10 minutes of boiling on the stove to achieve hot water.  But for now we are all caught up and all is right in our world again…

Eat well & live happy


4 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Oh kiddo! Guess the warts part is what it’s all about but it hurts not to be able to be there and help out. Guess you’ll get a rhythm sooner or later. Give my grandsons lots of hugs and kisses from me- it will make you feel better too! Happy times and safe travel. Xx m

  2. hi, if you are in a caravan park they often have a hot water tap where you can fill up a bucket for doing the dishes- which is much easier than trying to boil water.
    Goodluck with the washing. Yep we go for a couple of days in a row too- sometimes I would just do a knickers wash in the shower to keep up. The op shops also good for top up clothes – I discovered qld only has winter stuff in winter, even if you are a victorian and find it quite warm- its so frustrating!

  3. Hi Mel
    Hard to change your standards but you are on holidays The recipe for cupcakes is amazing would be great learning activity for kids all that calculating/measuring ( always the Home Ec teacher)Loving your blogs even though this one is about reality of life with two kids Love to everyone Sandra

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