Our Nation’s Capital

Autumn days in Canberra are glorious.  Golden light bathes the auburn leaves and gently rolling hills every afternoon and the sun shines warming your bones.  The nights are, however, a completely different story and are quite literally freezing!  We survived them though, snug in our new little home with our tiny ceramic heater pumping and rugged up with both doonas and sleeping bags.

We had 3 nights in Canberra which left us two full days (allowing for arriving, setting up and then packing up again) to explore our capital city.  The boys weren’t overly keen to visit parliament house (and Matt and I have been there before) so we enjoyed our first day wandering the botanic gardens, playing at the seriously cool acorn playground at the Arboretum as well as checking out the bonsai’s and rolling down the Arboretum’s very steep hill.  This, of course, meant Matt had to carry JD back up again while Mum got to enjoy the view from the top!

Our second day saw us paying a visit to the National Dinosaur Museum which I have to say is a must for anyone with kids visiting Canberra.  The boys had a fantastic time exploring the exhibitions upstairs which had fossils, replicas of many different dinosaurs and robotic ones that the Jazzy Devil was determined not to be afraid of! Outside had a garden with a huge number of model dinosaurs the kids could explore around.

Right next door to the dinosaur museum is Cockington Green Gardens (which is where the picture at the beginning of this post was taken) which has miniature British villages in the most immaculately kept gardens.  There are also a number of well known international monuments all in perfect miniature version.  A miniature steam train that we could ride on topped off the fun.  Matt and I had fun pointing out to Bubba which of the places we had been to in the flesh.  The Jazzy Devil caused mayhem as always and kept us on our toes madly trying to keep him out of the gardens and water features.

We also treated ourselves to lunch out at High Road.  A cafe owned by ONA coffee, which apparently if you know anything about coffee, is the brain child of the World Barista Champion who happens to reside in Canberra.  Matt wanted to go for the coffee but we were very pleasantly surprised by the number of gluten free options on their menu.  I am new to this blogging business so I completely forgot to take pictures of our meal before I devoured it (I will do better next time I promise) but mine was a seriously yummy veggie bowl full of brown rice, pickled cabbage, sweet potato, pickled mushies, avo, and various greens. YUM.  I would highly recommend this cafe to anyone heading to Canberra and looking for lunch out.  The staff were great at making sure they catered for our dietary requirements.

One of the best parts of our days in Canberra was that I got to see my very good friend Mimi and meet her beautiful family.  It had been way too long since we’d seen each other and was really lovely to be able to pick up where we left off.

Apart from our lunch out we tried to keep our meals in Canberra simple as we learn our way around our camper trailer and living life on the road.  One of our favourite, quick, tasty meals was bbq chicken thighs that Matty nails on the Webber with bbq’d asparagus and mushies and mashed pumpkin and sweet potato.  I throw the pumpkin and sweet potato into the thermie to steam while Matty takes care of the barbie and dinner is on the table in 25 mins flat.

So I will definitely do better on the photo front next time but for now my G&T is calling me!

Eat well & live happy


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