Introducing the VB’s

Hi!  We are the VB’s, a family of 4, about to head off on a half lap of Australia for the next four and a half months.  There’s me (mum), Matty (dad), Mr 7.5yo known as Bubba (thanks to his little brother – sorry mate it’s stuck now) and then there is the Jazzy Devil… a mini tornado in disguise as a one and a half year old.

Matt and I have a long history of overseas off-the-beaten-track type adventures but having a couple of little tackers had put the brakes on that kind of travel.  However once bitten, the travel bug is a hard one to get rid of.  Itchy feet combined with a desire to get away from the daily grind and spend quality time together saw us buying a camper trailer, giving ourselves 6 months to learn what we were doing and pack up and in less than 1 week we are off!

So why The Intolerant Traveller? Because between the four of us we have food intolerances and allergies to gluten, dairy, nuts (except peanuts), tomatoes, strawberries, kiwi fruit, citrus, (actually most fruit except bananas, mangos, pears and limited amounts of apple and grapes) and mint.

As well as being a mum to my gorgeous boys, I am a nutritionist and am passionate about delicious nourishing food that helps us to be the best version of ourselves.  So on top of managing our food intolerances, we eat a fresh, wholefood diet (with the occasional treat thrown in).  I intend for eating on the road to be no different, albeit cooked in a much smaller kitchen!

Our set up for this adventure is a jayco swan camper trailer towed by our trusty (we hope) territory.  Just how we are going to manage in such a small space with the Jazzy Devil we are yet to discover but god help any one who camps near us! My ‘kitchen’ includes a webber q, a gas/electric stove and a grill.  My thermie is coming with us cos I just couldn’t bare to leave her behind.  The bread maker is coming too because I currently make 4 loaves a week and I’m not sure the boys would cope without it.

As you have probably guessed this blog is going to be a mixture of a description of our travels along with food and recipes and a pinch of nutritional info thrown in for good measure.

So strap in and follow along with our highs, lows, successes and disasters with managing our intolerances and eating real food on the road all to the back drop of travelling this amazing country.

See you soon and in the mean time eat well and live happy

x Mel

4 thoughts on “Introducing the VB’s

  1. We’re now strapped in and ready to go on this amazing, exciting adventure with you all. Lots of love and lots of happy, untroubled travelling. And away you go ……..

  2. Good luck VBs!!! Have an awesome, safe, fun, delicious time away. Can’t wait to follow your travels x

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